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If you are a fan of PES 2009, you've bought it and you feel that sometimes it fails, the game gets slower or you simply want to enjoy more options, don't worry, people at Konami also know it and they have released a patch that once installed solves the problems you could have with PES 2009 on your PC.

The patch includes the following features:

Additional Option in the Legends Lobby: There will now be an Upload feature where players can upload footage of themselves playing in "Legends"

Additional Option in the Legends Lobby: The new Theatre of Legends feature will allow players to view the uploaded footages mentioned above.

Additional Option in System Settings: A new Download option will be added so players can download any new In-Game Content available.

How to install PES 2009 patch?
You'll only have to execute the file included in the ZIP file and follow the steps.

Don't worry if during the installation, the program seems not to be responding, wait until the installation is complete and don't cancel it. The installation will finish successfully.

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